Earn $5 or More Bonuses for Your Affiliate Blog Posts

It’s always nice to find affiliate programs that will pay you a straight bonus for writing a blog post ALONG WITH any affiliate earnings you make from that post. Another program that does so is Shoe Dazzle through ShareASale. They occasionally offer $5 just to put up a post and even offer suggested text to use. (I recommend tweaking the text a bit and adding your own touches to avoid duplicate content on your site.)

UPDATE:  Shoe Dazzle actually sent a bonus offer of up to $20 this week for both banner and Facebook page posts.

Other affiliate programs that also offer bonuses for short blog posts include:

Stella & Dot Affiliate Program

One Kings Lane Affiliate Program

Blurb Affiliate Program

Others you may want to check out through ShareASale are Tea Collection, Layla Grace and Mabel’s Labels.

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