uKnowKids Ambassador Program

uKnowKids is looking for ambassadors to share the latest news and information like blog posts, events, contests, and more using social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  By doing so you’ll earn points toward drawings for prizes.  I just signed up so don’t have full details yet, but you earn quick points just for signing up and connecting and they have an iPad giveaway going on right now…so why not?  Sign up here.

Update:  I just got a few more details:

  1. You’ll receive an email when they release new content.
  2. Depending on your preferences, you’ll click a link to either approve the content to be shared (if you have chosen to approve everything), or opt-out of having the content shared (if you have chosen to auto-post everything).
  3. The more you share, the more points you earn.

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