Blogging 101: Why Start a Blog?

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Have you been pondering the idea of starting your own blog, but aren’t sure how to get started? We know there are lots of potential bloggers out there, but taking the first step isn’t always easy. To give you a bit of a helping hand, we’re starting a Blogging 101 series to give you that little push you might need. To kick things off easily, lets start at the beginning with Blogging 101: Why Start a Blog?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to start a blog. It could be anything from earning an income to promoting a cause special to you, to sharing with friends and family and more. Whatever your reason is, you need to have it figured out before you start your blog. If you don’t have your reason set before hand, you’ll likely end up blogging about a million and one topics and eventually end up confusing your readers.

If you’re starting your blog specifically to make money, don’t. You won’t make money if you’re trying to. Blog readers are very observant and they will pick up on the fact that you’re only trying to earn from them. Its fine to have a desire to make money, but making that your only reason will cause you to fail. Instead, work on building lots of quality content and THEN about monetizing.

Personal causes and charities are a fantastic reason to start a blog. Pick a topic that you’re passionate about and get to writing. Passion always resonates with blog readers, so be sure that you’re truly passionate about your topic. You are going to be writing about it on a regular basis after all!

You can also start a blog to keep long distance friends and family updated. This type of blog would include things like regular updates on what the family is doing, updated photos, and more. With this type of blog, you may want to consider password protecting each post for privacy…especially if you have pictures of your kids you don’t want available to the general public.

Another reason you might consider starting a blog is to help teach someone a new skill. DIY and food blogs are very popular and can grow to be huge. Before you start, brush up on your photography skills and make sure that you’re at least proficient in the crafts or recipes that you’ll be blogging about. No one wants to visit a food or craft blog where the blogger doesn’t know what they’re talking about and the pictures look horrible.

No matter why you’ve started your blog, know that if you want it to be successful, it will take work. LOTS of work. Big blogs don’t happen overnight, but with enough work, perseverance and of course, high quality content, you just might see growth like you’ve never imagined.

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