Affiliate Program Per Post and Referral Bonuses

Disclosure AffiliateAffiliate Program Per Post and Referral Bonuses

If you haven’t yet taken the leap into affiliate marketing, you might want to consider affiliate programs that offer you bonuses that you can earn without making a single sale. Some affiliate programs offer per-post posting bonuses that give you a flat fee for posting about a product, a sale or a brand. The vast majority of these affiliate programs are offered through ShareASale and most are managed by Acceleration Partners.

Once you sign up with one of the affiliate programs, you will start receiving newsletters from the affiliate managers. From time to time they will include an offer to receive a flat fee, usually between $5 and $25 for writing a blog post. You will receive this amount whether or not any sales result from your post. If your readers DO buy, then you will receive those affiliate commissions on top of your flat fee. When the offer is issued, there will be a date range in which it must be posted and a link to submit your URL to receive your bonus payment.

Affiliate Program Per Post and Referral Bonuses

This list contains some of the merchants who have offered pay-per-post bonuses in the past. (And most of the links are my referral links.):

Affiliate Program Pay Per Post Bonuses

Tea Collection



Warby Parker


Stella & Dot



Cents of Style

Dollar Tree

Affiliate Referral Bonus Program

Another way to make money through affiliate programs without making sales to your readers is by referring other bloggers and site owners to be affiliates. To see if the affiliate programs you are a part of offer referral bonuses, visit the links area and look for a tab that says “Two-Tier Links”. Most of the merchants in the list above have two-tier links, as do these additional merchants below. (The list is still in progress – I will be adding additional!)

Affiliate Program Referral Bonuses

Cricut ($20 Bonus Currently)

MPG Sport ($5 Bonus Currently)

Flirty Aprons ($5 Bonus Currently)

Warby Parker ($10 Bonus Currently)

Collin Street Bakery ($2 Bonus Currently)

Madison Reed ($20 Bonus Currently)

Garden Tower Project ($30 Bonus Currently)

Mixbook ($20 Bonus Currently)

Karina Dresses ($5 Bonus Currently)

TruDog ($5 Currently)

Amish Furniture ($5 Currently)

The California Wine Club ($5 Currently)

Lifeline ($5 Currently)

Snake River Farms ($5 Currently)

Hardware World ($5 Currently)

Music Box Attic ($5 Currently)

1stinCoffee ($5 Currently)

Eckler’s Automotive ($5 Currently)


I think that about covers it! If you have any questions, leave a comment below (or drop me an email) and I will try to answer!

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