How do I Make Money from My Blog?: Pt 1

In order to really make any money from your blog, you first need to build up traffic (which I will cover in later posts), but so many people are anxious to learn about the money-making aspect right away, so I will at least start in on that subject.

The most common way bloggers earn money is through Google Adsense. Adsense is good and can give you a nice steady stream of earnings once you have a substantial readership, but it is by no means a “get rich quick” way to earn. Through Adsense you place ads on your blog, usually in the side bar, between posts, or at the top of your page. Every time a reader clicks on one of your ads you get paid (PPC). It’s usually a few cents, but it all depends on the particular ad and it can be as much as a dollar for a click. You also earn a very minimal amount for page views. Click here to sign up and get more info on Google Adsense.

I personally find a much better way to earn from blogging is through smaller companies that link you with a variety of advertisers to promote their products with ads on your blog. Some offer Pay to Click programs and others pay for sign-ups or sales. One of my favorites is Logical Media. They have some high-paying programs and continually have new additions. To check them out and sign up, just click below.

What Should I Blog About?

The first thing to consider when starting a blog is your topic. Many people start blogging because they have a specific topic in mind and want to write about it and share their knowledge. Others start a new blog just because they want to try blogging, either as a hobby or as an income source.

The most important thing is to choose a topic that really interests you. Ideally you will be posting on this topic every day (or at least a few times a week), so it has to be something that won’t quickly bore you! Do you have a favorite hobby? Are you part of a professional group or trade? Are you a parent with tips and ideas to share? Any of these make great sources for topic choice.

In the event you can’t decide on a topic right away, you can start a general or “anything goes” blog. Once you start and get the hang of writing and managing your blog, you can then narrow down your focus and choose a final topic or start a new blog with that topic.


Welcome to Bloguistics, my newest blog about what else???? – – Blogging! I have had many questions from new bloggers and know that it can be tricky starting out with blogging – either as a hobby or as in income source. So, I am hoping to provide some information that can help you out with blogging success.

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