Earn Commisssions with Easy-to-Promote INFOstable

One of the very newest affiliate programs available is INFOstable.  They have easy-to-promote sweepstakes offers, focusing on those with babies and kids.  However, many of their sweepstakes offer VISA gift card alternatives to the prizes, making them popular with everyone.  Sign up with INFOstable here.

Join the Stella & Dot Affiliate Program – 10% Commissions + Bonuses

If your readers enjoy fashion and jewelry, check out the Stella & Dot affiliate program.  They offer trendy and fashionable jewelry to suit every taste and you will earn 10% of Stella & Dot sales that are generated from affiliate links on your site.  You also earn $100 for every new Independent Stylist you refer.

To top it off, Stella & Dot also pays affiliates $10 for inviting their friends to join the affiliate program, so once you’re a Stella & Dot affiliate you may invite your friends to join just like I’m doing now and you’ll earn $10 for every friend or colleague who joins.  Join Stella & Dot’s affiliate program here!

Cure for Logical Media and MySavings Network Problems – Switch to Escalate!

If you have been suffering through the problems with the Logical Media and MySavings networks being down the past 24 hours or so, quick make the switch to Escalate Media.  They have most of the same offers you’ll find on the other networks, but they are up and running!

Switch out your links in your posts from the other networks to Escalate links – especially your Coupons.com links – you don’t want to miss out on weekend grocery shoppers.  Sign up for the Escalate Media Affiliate Network here.


Join the Stella & Dot Affiliate Program – 10% Commissions + Bonuses

How to Link Back to Your Original Source to Give Credit for Blog Posts

handshakeAs a blogger you will often post information that you originally received from another blogger.  It is NOT COOL to just take the information and publish it as your own.  But, we know you wouldn’t do that anyway, right?

What should you do?  Make sure to give credit to your original source.  You can do this by simply starting or ending your post with a reference to were you received the information.  For example, if you are posting about a great freebie you found on another blog, you can end your post with “Thanks, Super Freebie Lady!”  Then make sure you link the name of her blog to her post, or to her home page.  Some bloggers prefer a link to a post, while others prefer a home page link, but as long as you give credit you’re doing fine. 

Monetize Your Blog with Zuuzs – Your Readers Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

zuuzs, is a site where you can Shop great stores, Share deals and opinions, and Earn cash.  By promoting, you can earn a share of the revenue your readers earn as well.

Why should readers join zuuzs?  They offer cash back rewards, called zuuzs FUNdzs, on every purchase made through the site.  You also earn FUNdz from friends and family that you have invited to join your zuuzs Circle of Friendzs. When a member of your Circle of Friendzs makes a purchase, she earns cash back on her purchase and zuuzs pays you a 40% bonus too, for introducing zuuzs to her. Your zuuzs Circle of Friendzs includes members that you have invited directly (Direct Friends), and the people that your friends have invited (Indirect Friends). You will earn 25% FUNdz when your Indirect Friends make a purchase. Each month, zuuzs sends out a check on the 21st with the FUNdz earned so far. You only need to have $10 in FUNdz to receive a check.

GET STARTED:  To sign up with zuuzs as a blogger, rather than as a regular member, use this zuuzs link and scroll down to the bottom of the page under “Learn More” where it says “Blogger” and sign up using that link.  You will then receive your own unique referral link and have access to banners to place on your site. When your readers sign up, you will earn the same bonus of 40% of their cash back and 25% cash back on THEIR referrals earnings!

How to Direct Link to Coupons.com Coupons on Your Blog

Coupons.com is a great source of affiliate income, especially for deals, shopping and coupon blogs.  Most affiliate programs give you a general link to the main page of Coupons.com, but if you’re talking about a SPECIFIC coupon it’s a lot easier for your readers, and a lot more likely for you to convert their click if you can link directly to that specific coupon.

This can be done through Escalate Network. (Let me just throw in here that they also have a higher pay rate for Coupons.com than some networks and they also do NOT scrub leads.)  To get your direct links, sign up with Escalate Network if you’re not already an affiliate.  Then log in and go to the Coupons.com offer page.  Scroll down and click on “How To: Direct Link & Coupons.com Widget” to see complete instructions.

To actually get the direct links, you just use the easy widget page where you’ll see direct links to the 10 newest (non-zip-code required). It’s a simple cut and paste into your blog post. How easy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me.  I’m happy to help!

Get Lots of Blog Followers / Facebook Fans / Twitter Followers in this Blogger Giveaway Opportunity

One of the best ways to get new followers of your blog, as well as new Facebook fans and Twitter followers is to join together with other bloggers for a GREAT BIG OL’ Giveaway Hop.  This is your opportunity to get involved with a huge one and it’s only a $5 administrative fee to participate (trust me, that’s cheap!) 

CouponCabin is sponsoring the event and will be giving to readers who enter the giveaway:

Grand Prize: MacBook Air (11-inch, 128GB; ARV $1,199)
First Runner Up: iPad2 (16GB, with Wi-Fi +3G; ARV $629)
Second Runner Up: $250 VISA Gift Card
Other Prizes: $100 VISA Gift Cards will be given out to four (4) additional winners

And what’s even better… CouponCabin will ALSO be giving away the same awesome prizes to bloggers who refer the most readers to the hop.

Get more details and sign up here and PLEASE let them know that Thrifty Jinxy sent you.  I get a $20 Target gift card for each blogger I refer.  Refer your blogging friends and you can get a gift card for each of THEM that signs up.

How to Start a Blog – 5 Easy Tips & Guide Posts

So you know you want to start a blog but you’re not sure how to go about it. Here are five easy steps, and a few good tips, to make the process quick and easy.

#1 Choose your niche. What’s your blog going to be about? You may want to do a bit of keyword research here. If you already have a business, then your blog will be related to your online business and those keywords, however, you can still narrow your blog niche.

For example, if you have an online business on dog training, your blog could be about positive reinforcement training, about housebreaking, or even about a tangent topic like feeding your dog – because health is important to training.

#2 Choose your platform. WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and Moveable type are only a few of the options. You can also explore the blogging platform your website host offers. Analyze and compare each platform to find the one that best meets your needs. Many people choose WordPress because of its easy to use nature and the ability to customize your blog.

#3 Create your blog site. Depending on the platform you’re using you will either be working with the template and customizations offered or you can have your blog site designed by a professional. There are thousands of templates, some paid and some free, available by WordPress developers and they’re easily customizable – you can get an original WordPress blog.

#4 Choose your blogging schedule and blog. How often are you going to blog? Create a realistic schedule and stick to it. Remember that even if you decide you’re going to blog once a week, you can always blog more. Blogging less than that isn’t recommended. Blogs are active sites and people expect frequent content updates.

#5 Drive traffic. Once you feel comfortable with the number of posts you have on your blog and you’re happy with the way it looks, it’s time to drive traffic to your blog. Social networking, PPC, registering your blog with relevant directories and commenting on other related blogs helps drive traffic.

Starting a blog isn’t the difficult part, the tough part is deciding to actually start! Visit Blogelina’s Blogging Video Tutorials to learn more about what a blog can do for you.

Blog Every Day

Hello again everyone. I have committed one of the cardinal sins of blogging with Bloguistics – ignoring it! I have to admit that I got distracted with my other blogs and with a two week trip to China, but that’s not an excuse. To be successful with blogging, you need to blog regularly. Optimally you should blog every day, but if that is too much for you, try to blog at least 3 to 4 times per week, even if it is just for a short update.

How do I Make Money from My Blog?: Pt 1

In order to really make any money from your blog, you first need to build up traffic (which I will cover in later posts), but so many people are anxious to learn about the money-making aspect right away, so I will at least start in on that subject.

The most common way bloggers earn money is through Google Adsense. Adsense is good and can give you a nice steady stream of earnings once you have a substantial readership, but it is by no means a “get rich quick” way to earn. Through Adsense you place ads on your blog, usually in the side bar, between posts, or at the top of your page. Every time a reader clicks on one of your ads you get paid (PPC). It’s usually a few cents, but it all depends on the particular ad and it can be as much as a dollar for a click. You also earn a very minimal amount for page views. Click here to sign up and get more info on Google Adsense.

I personally find a much better way to earn from blogging is through smaller companies that link you with a variety of advertisers to promote their products with ads on your blog. Some offer Pay to Click programs and others pay for sign-ups or sales. One of my favorites is Logical Media. They have some high-paying programs and continually have new additions. To check them out and sign up, just click below.

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