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Diamond Candles are all-natural scented soy candles with a Diamond Ring inside (worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000) that is revealed as the candle burns down.  Interested in doing a review and giveaway on your blog?  Sign up here to be considered for one of their 100 blogging spots.


  1. Here is a review I sent directly to Diamond Candles:

    I was told by your customer service that candles 2 of 3 candles I had ordered the end of August were all of a sudden out of stock and that is why I had yet to receive them. Then I was told I can sign up for email notification for the scents I ordered and then reply back to let them know that they are back in stock and I need the candles so that they can send out the candles manually from your stock. What the….????!

    My concern is that when I selected the Orange Vanilla and the Summertime they were IN STOCK. That’s how I was able to even put them in the cart to check out. I have to say, this is a little disheartening and I don’t know that if I pick another IN STOCK scent that that will even really be in stock?! Truthfully, I will just sign up for the scent report and contact you immediately when i get notification that they are back IN STOCK but I will be unlikely to order again. I love the product but your company has over $82.00 of my money and I have to chase the product instead of the company fulfilling back orders when items come back into stock. Seems like a good way to make people pay and not deliver and hope they forget about it. That’s called a scam. I just don’t know how Diamond Candles can consider themselves a reputable business this way.

    I was then told this was a flaw in your system. It’s 2012, are you joking? Get it together, please. Your product is nice, but I shouldn’t be the responsible party to have to chase you down for what I paid for. If I just forgot about it then you would have kept my money and never gave me a product because you can’t fulfill back orders. That’s insane! Thankfully I did remember and I did email customer service asking about the order. SHAME ON YOU DIAMOND CANDLES!!!!

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