Twylah – More POWER from Your Tweets

Do you use Twylah?  I had signed up for it long ago, but hadn’t really looked into it in depth.  This weekend I attended Bloggy Boot Camp and it was mentioned.  I decided to go revisit my account.  What it does is takes your tweets and “categorizes” them – giving you a very cool-looking page showing your influence.  Here is my Twylah page

What it also does is let you send a “Power Tweet” which includes a link back to your Twylah page along with the text of your tweet, embeded content from the link you’ve shared, and other related tweets of yours.  By going back to your Twylah page, a viewer can see other things you have tweeted about and will hopefully check out more pages on your blog.

Also, when someone asks for your Twitter link, you can give them your Twylah link instead.  It’s much easier for them to see what you actually tweet about and they can always follow you right from that page as well.

You need an invite to join, but there is a “Request an Invite” button right on their site. 

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