A New and Possibly BETTER Alternative to Google Reader – Get a Beta Invite to Bloganizer

You may have heard this week that Google Reader will be going away as of July.  Many of us are scrambling to find an alternative to keep up with all our blog reading.  Right now you can sign up for a Beta Invite to Bloganizer. 
But, I should not that Bloganizer will be more than just an RSS reader.  It has special features that are just for Bloggers to help with inter-blog networking, reading upkeep and promotion.  There is help to keep up with the “Unread Post Overwhelm” and some cool ways to keep on the pulse of the blogosphere as a whole and/or just the portion of the blogopshere that you care about.

Their first  “more than” feature will be launching in just a week or two so get ready and get access to it with a Bloganizer Beta Invite.

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